Tom, Beginner Acoustic Guitar Student

Starting as Complete BEginner

As someone who has never played or even dreamed of being able to play guitar. With no musical background in anything at all. Tom's musical ability has gone from absolutely zero to now being able to perform, sing and play guitar in less than a year. He is continuously developing his understanding of guitar and music and has found a new passion in playing with and in front of other people. 

​Frustrated "Boxed" In Guitar Player

Rob has been teaching himself guitar for years until he reached a glass ceiling. He felt "boxed" in and felt he didn't know how to get better by himself.
After only a few months of lessons, he feels like a completely different guitar player. He now knows how to overcome the challenges he had previously, and has developed an understanding of the fretboard. Now he feels like a musician and a guitarist. 

​Wanting to Improve Confidence on Guitar

Nick has been passionate about singing and playing guitar for a long time. He's always invested in guitar lessons, and after 5 other guitar teachers. He's finally found a guitar school that cares about his progress but more importantly, helping him build his confidence in both his guitar playing and as a musician. 

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