How To Use Your Mistakes To Make Big Changes In Your Guitar Playing

How To Use Your Mistakes To Make Big Changes In Your Guitar Playing
Have you been practising hard but don’t feel like you are getting the results you were expecting?Do you wonder how you can make more progress through your practise?

The first thing to always check is:

Are you practising or are you “noodling” on the guitar?

This is a concept that a lot of people struggle with. So let’s give an example of it.

Imagine you are a tight rope walker and you are pretty good. You are good enough to perform to a small crowd at a reasonably high height. You want to be a great tight rope walker and perform at a huge circus arena. But first, you need more practise.

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So to get better as a tight rope walker, do you keep doing the rope walker at as high as height as possible. So that every time you fall down, you need to climb all the way back up the ladder and do it again?

Repeating Your Mistakes Quickly  

Or is it better to walk on a small tight rope, that you can fall often from. Try more difficult tricks and not worry about breaking your neck. Get back on it easily and keep repeating the same actions till you are super confident with your tight rope walking skills?

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When the rope is close to the ground, you can fall and jump back on straight away. That way you can repeat mistakes and correct them much more often.

Being a guitar player, it’s easy to go into the idea of practising a full song, doing a run through of it. Rather than working on individual pieces that will come together to make you a much better guitar player.

You want to be finding those challenges that you’ve got, where you are making those mistakes. And using those to improve your guitar playing. The more you do it repeatedly to remove those mistakes, the quicker you will come to solving them. And therefore, improving your guitar playing.

How many mistakes should I be making in my practise?

You do want some of your practising is be correct, with no mistakes. So how do you know if you are doing it right?

I would recommend around 60-70% should include mistakes and things you are not able to do. And 30-40% of playing well. This is a good balance to have.

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If you need help in figuring out where your weak areas are, and where your biggest challenges with your guitar playing are. Get in touch with us and we can have a look at your playing. Put together a plan that will help you get through any glass ceilings that you have.

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