Guitar Related Articles

​Learning guitar can be a mine field. Full of challenges and obstacles. One big thing that can help a lot is easy to understand instructions. All of our articles are written to be easily read and understood. With information that we hope will be useful for you to get playing on your guitar.

How to Learn to Sight Read Fast and EasyA lot of guitar players do not read the score. While it is not necessary for the

How To Use Your Mistakes To Make Big Changes In Your Guitar PlayingHave you been practising hard but don’t feel like you are getting the

Four Important Steps to Go Through If You Want to Achieve Big Results With Your Guitar PlayingWhat are the one biggest thing that will determine

Many times we find ourselves caught playing the same patterns over and over again. This is because we’re limited by the habits of practicing technical

Most guitars in the world are tuned in the standard way, indicating that the lowest sounding string is tuned to E, followed by A on

Proper Diaphragmatic Breathing There seems to be quite a bit of mystery surrounding the topic of diaphragmatic breathing. Some people believe it doesn’t exist at

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