Four Important Steps to Go Through If You Want to Achieve Big Results With Your Guitar Playing… Using Your Mind

Four Important Steps to Go Through If You Want to Achieve Big Results With Your Guitar Playing

What are the one biggest thing that will determine whether you succeed on the guitar or not?

Is it how talented you are?
Is it how hard you work?
Is it the way you dress and work?

The single most important thing that will determine your long-term success on guitar is your ability to use your mind.

It sounds simple. However, with the majority of guitar players I meet. The only reason why they are not better than they can be, and should be. Is their ability to use their mind for success on the guitar.

There are specific ways to use your mind and ways not to. A lot of students hold themselves back due to self-doubt when it comes to playing the guitar. They don’t know whether they can do it or not. Which is why gaining self-confidence is so important.

I’m going to outline the simple process that will help you gain self-confidence in yourself so that you can achieve massive results on the guitar.

Having belief that you can make a lot of progress on the guitar

It’s important that you have the belief that you can do this. Whether you want to be able to jam with friends or improvise. Perform, songwriting. Etc. etc. It’s all achievable.

Belief is based on faith in the direction that you are taking. There are different ways that you can create your own belief system to help you with your guitar playing.

–       Having someone who supports you and shows you exactly what you need to do such as a guitar teacher or a positive supportive environment.

–       Seeing someone else achieve it who is inspiring for you. Maybe they are similar to you and have done exactly what you want to do. You might think, if they have done it, so can I!

–       The consistent result from the practise and learning you put into guitar, and being able to compare the progress.

Having one or all these elements of things will help you believe you are capable of doing what you want on the guitar.

​Your belief system will drive your guitar playing potential

The more you believe you can play the guitar the way you want to. And you have the right vehicle to get you there. The more you will get excited about guitar which will drive you to use more of your potential through increased mental energy and focus on your guitar playing.

Your Potential Drives Your Practise And Learning On The Guitar Which Drives Your Results

This is where you get an awesome “positive vicious cycle”. The more you believe you can do it, the more of your potential you use, and the more action you take, and the more result you get, which gets you believing that you can do it even more. Isn’t that cool!

I’m going to draw a little diagram of it here for you.

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When you are doubting yourself about your guitar playing

So whenever you are struggling with your belief system. The easiest way to kick-start this cycle is to take some massive action. Even if you don’t feel like it. This might be a tonne of practise or really working on something that you are finding difficult. Because when you take enough massive action, you will get result from it! This will help fuel your belief system!

Using these essential steps in the cycle, you have the ability to turn any situation you have regarding your guitar playing. And for you to gain the big result you are looking for yourself.

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If you are in need of direction and instruction to help you improve your belief system so that you can use more of your potential, take more action that you can be certain is correct. And get the result you are looking for, whether that’s jamming with other people or writing and performing your own music. Then get in touch with us.