Do You Want Fast Progress And To Improve Your Confidence On Guitar?

Darryl, Teacher at Guitar Tuition East London

Darryl, Teacher at Guitar Tuition East London

Do You Want To Be Able To Pick Up The Guitar And Play Effortlessly?

Have You Been Playing For A While But Feel Stuck And Don't Know Where To Go to Progress? 
Do You Feel Like You Don't Really Understand The Guitar? 

Have You Tried YouTube And Books And It's Not Worked For You? 


Playing the guitar is much harder than most people think.

Your hands won't do what you tell them. Everyone else makes it look easy. 

Your wrist/ fingers/ shoulders can feel in pain when you play for a long time. It always seems like no matter how good you get or how much you practice you just aren't where you want to be and don't feel good enough. 

 I can totally relate to what you are going through, I remember learning the guitar too and now I've had the fortune to help many students to over come those same challenges and become much better guitar players.

​"After struggling to learn the guitar for years I have finally found someone who truly comprehends the needs of a beginner on guitar. This school has created an amazing structure and process on learning the basics of guitar playing and is constantly coming up with new and simple ways to make learning and practicing easier." Chardelle, London

I Sucked At Guitar..

Having played guitar for 5 years self teaching with little progress and no solid plan of how to keep going. Just a dream of wanting to a great guitar player.

What I realised was that nearly everything I was doing was wrong.

You gaining confidence on the guitar can happen quickly. 

Nearly everyone thinks learning guitar is just about the hours you put in, or how talented you are. Instead I've found that there are much faster ways to learn to play guitar and feel confident about it even when you are busy.

Whether you want to be able to jam with other people or play the guitar for yourself. It doesn't have to be take years for you to massive progress in your playing.

Ready to find out how? Contact us for a free introductory guitar lesson to find out more. 

​Student at Guitar Tuition East London School

Lets Look At How We Are Going Change Your Guitar Playing Together

Your guitar playing can improve dramatically by changing you approach to learning and practising guitar.

Since using my new learning methods and techniques with my students for their guitar playing. I see the dramatic progress that can be made in a very short space of time.

Whether they are a beginner or advanced player. They are now making progress that I could only dream of when I first started. 

When guitar students start learning guitar with us, they quickly feel confident with their guitar playing, not shy like most bedroom guitar players.

Our guitar students are able to jam with other people and even perform in front of people within months.

Many students even sing and play guitar at the same time too.

​"This guitar school is the best thing since sliced bread. The atmosphere at the school helps everyone improve so much." Jon, London

Why You Are Going To Succeed With Us

You can be progressing so fast on the guitar that you actually enjoy sitting down and practising. 

Learning new songs don't have to seem so difficult. You don't have to give up when you reach a difficult solo or difficult chords changes. 

You can feel confident with your guitar playing so that when someone asks if you can play guitar. You can proudly say "Yes" to playing guitar to them.

I've invested thousands of hours thinking of the best ways for my guitar students to improve fast.

With my help, you can be like many of my students, who have been able to overcome challenges and gain confidence in both their guitar playing and in themselves.

How You Can Feel Drastic Results Learning Guitar With Us

(That You Won't Get Anywhere Else Learning Online or Other Guitar Lessons In London)

​Consistent And Specific Feedback On Your Guitar Playing

​For you to have a teacher who actually gives you feedback that is in a constructive way, directed towards what you want to do. Rather than general feedback.

​Avoid Wrist, Back, Shoulder And Other Pain By Learning The Best Techniques

​We can help fix any existing pain problems you are struggling with on the guitar, or help you avoid them in the first place.

​Feel Confident With Your Improvisations and Solos

​On top of music theory, we will help you understand the guitar and fretboard so that you don't feel boxed in and feel free to express yourself. Whether it's for your rhythm or lead guitar playing.

​Proven Method Of Learning That's Used By Hundreds of Guitar Players To Make Drastic Results

​You will get to learn how to progress fast on the guitar using the unique methods of learning we teach in the school.

​Learn The Ability To Play With Other Musicians

​You will get to become a confidence guitar player rather than the more common "bedroom guitar players" out there. So you don't miss out on all the fun of playing with other people!

Customised Guitar Program Specifically Here For You To Overcome Your Challenges

You are your own person. And that's why we will tailor a guitar program and what we do for you specifically to help your guitar playing.

​Learn Music Theory In A Way That Will Help Your Playing Instantly

​We keep music theory fun and applicable for what you want to do on the guitar. So that you can use it instantly and incorporate it to improve your understanding and playing on the guitar.

​Geometric Guitar Teaching That Helps You Master Guitar Quicker Than Any Other Way

​Learning in this method will help you build on fundamentals quickly and easily. How we teach this is unique to our school, and no one else offers it in London or the UK.

​Learn From A Guitar Teacher That's Been Trained to Teach Guitar

​You will learn from guitar teachers who are actually trained to teach and who do it full-time. Their sole purpose is to help you improve your guitar playing.

​Learn The Ability To Play With Other Musicians

​You will get to become a confidence guitar player rather than the more common "bedroom guitar players" out there. So you don't miss out on all the fun of playing with other people!

​​​​​"I cannot recommend Guitar Tuition East London enough! From joining the school as an absolute beginner a year and a half ago, I am now able to play along to some of my favourite songs, perform in front of an audience, jam along with other people, and most importantly; keep learning and making progress at home by myself." - Nikush, London

"I thought I could teach myself, got pretty much nowhere and began to doubt my ability. Within four months of the teachers' guidance, my ability and confidence has propelled me to even perform in front of an audience for the very first time. That is something I would not have believed if told four months ago. " - Andy, London

​Best of all: A Supportive Team and Community That Cares About You
And Helping You Do What You Want On The Guitar

"What About? "

"I really want to learn but I'm not talented and have no sense of rhythm, can I still learn to play guitar?"
We've taught other students who have been in your position. Some that have gone on to playing your favourite songs and performing in under a year. The most important thing is your commitment level and passion for playing the guitar that will determine your success of learning the guitar with us. 

"Do you guys do acoustic and electric guitar lessons?"
Yes definitely! And we teach a variety of styles including: Pop, Rock, Metal, Singer-songwriter Acoustic Playing, Fingerstyle etc. For more information, please get in contact with us below. 

"I want to learn how to do song writing and perform, is that possible?"
We are really passionate about helping you build confidence in your guitar playing and creativity. Whether that's for you to perform or play and work with other musicians. We definitely have the ability and passion to help you with this.

​What Do Our Students Have To Say About Our Guitar Lessons in London?

​Find Out How We Would Help You With Your Guitar Playing

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